About Simply Your Best Salon/Spa

This Is How Our Story Began

Simply Your Best opened in July 2011 with JoAnna the owner as the only stylist. JoAnna opened the business with the bare minimum, there was only one styling station and we did not even have any take home products.  She had a goal of the end result, a place where any one was welcomed, could be pampered as they felt needed, and to create a great workplace for all those that would join her along the way.  In 2012, another styling station was added. Year after year the salon continues to show healthy growth. We have a wide variety of take home products for your hair, skin, and nails. 
​ The team at SYB are committed to give you a salon experience you will love. We hope that every client has the opportunity to escape from life, laugh with each other, relax and rejuvenate! We want you all to walk away feeling  "Simply Your Best" from the inside out!


Meet Our Team


JoAnna Sindone

Owner & Level 5 Stylist

Hello Lovely! It is so nice to meet you! I decided to become a stylist because I wanted to be able to  connect with people all day and change lives with the power of my healing touch. It is so inspiring to give someone a new look and watch them leave with some pep in their step, a smile, and more confidence than they walked in with. I started managing salons after only one year behind the chair. It was only a matter of time before I would fulfill my life long dream of owning a salon. I strive for our company to be a leader in our industry, keeping education at our fingertips, and to be innovative and resourceful in our ever changing career. My ultimate goal is to mentor and uplift other stylists, to help them see their true potential and know that we really can do anything we set our mind to.

My passion behind the chair is hair cutting. I love to design a cut based on your face shape, lifestyle, and styling preferences. I specialize in fine, thin hair and working with texture; whether it is naturally curly or chemically altered. Yes, I still love perming. My friends joke and call me their "life coach" because it is important to me to inspire others to live a positive, productive life. In the salon I coach my team to strive for a "wealthy life" and I am not just talking money here, but being wealthy as it relates to health, love, time and money. We are continually setting new goals and celebrating every little win along the way. 

Outside of the salon you will find me with my family. I am a wife and a mom to 4 busy kids. I love the outdoors and nature. We spend lots of time camping, swimming, and mingling by the fire. In the winter I love to "hibernate" and I enjoy sitting down with a warm beverage and a great book...when we are not running to all the sporting events for my boys. I am a coach by nature and I am truly passionate about self-development, pushing my self to learn and grow every single day. 

My guests rave about my thorough consultations and how I am in tune with their wants and needs, as well as checking in to make sure they do not get bored with their style. My chair is a judgement free zone, and my only mission is to give you a great style, help you feel good, to laugh with you, and to help you have a great time. 

I would love the chance to connect with you! If you would like to book an appointment with me please call the salon or check out our online booking system.

​We are always looking for new talent to join our salon team, if you are interested in learning more please visit the employment tab at the top of the website. 

Lovona Carrigan

Inventory Manager & Level 4 Stylist

Hey Everyone!

It is a pleasure to meet you! My name is Lovona and welcome to my bio. As hairdressers we are constantly learning and creating new ways to achieve modern looks for our guests and honestly this aspect of my profession makes it a true passion for me! If you were to ask my team what they think I am good at they would totally say “Lovona is a Jack of all trades.” When they first told me this, I was not sure how I felt about it; I want to be a master at something. Until I looked up the definition… “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. It is often given as a compliment for a person who is good at many things and has a very good broad knowledge.” I think that suites me I love education and learning, and I am always reaching for new skills. I am a well-rounded hairstylist who loves anything from cutting, coloring, perming and everything in between. My team does tell me that I am a master at consulting with guests. I enjoy digging deep and asking as many questions as I can to make sure that both my guest and I are on the same page. If you are unsure of what you want to say or how to say it, no problem! I am here to help you and to listen so even if you say something and it does not make sense, just roll with it! I will decipher it along the way!

As you all know we are living in a crazy world right now and one thing I am so excited for is when I can see your beautiful face! We miss seeing the smiles that come along with the new style we create for you.

Some fun facts to know about my personality is that I try not to “sugar coat” things, I am honest and straightforward. I will always give you my honest professional opinion when it comes to your service. Maintaining the integrity of your and giving you a style that works for you AND that you love is my mission with every service. I am sassy but also sensitive. I am consistently aware of how I feel and how others are feeling. I think at the end of the day we are all human and make mistakes and if we can express how we feel it can help mature future relationships. I am totally an old soul and I love to chit chat with anyone. My hobbies include yelling at my cats because they are constantly being spiteful, ha ha! I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and in the summertime, we enjoy kayaking, walking, camping with family, and dinners at the Marina. In the winter we have found our selves staying home and either watching a movie, playing a videogame (I love Crash Bandicoot) or just simply chatting.

I love my guests both old and new and I can not wait to connect with you!


Lisa McKee

Level 4 Stylist

Hi friends! I’m Lisa and I became a hairstylist to help people feel better about themselves by simply showing them how to style their own hair and what works best for them with the most on trend looks. I struggled for years on how to manage my own thick wavy hair. Joining cosmetology changed my life and I want to share my knowledge with others who may also struggle with their hair.

In the past year I have been working so hard to master the balayage technique. I committed to working on education in my down time to achieve that goal and officially became certified. I enjoy creating beautiful dimensional color and doing traditional foiling techniques. I also have a lot of requests for kids cuts, which most hairdressers would hate but I love them! There is a special moment from the first haircut to the first day of school cut. The conversations with most of the kids are so much fun and they keep me updated on all the latest hair styles of their favorite Youtubers!

At home I have 3 handsome guys that have stolen my heart. My husband Mike and our two boys Weston and Waylon. Most of you hear me talk about how the “mom life” has got the best of me; like how the laundry is always out of control and trips out in public are crazy and we won’t even get started with the baby shark song! But I wouldn’t change the crazy mom life for anything. My time with my family means so much to me and I truly believe the little things in life are the most important!

I love with my whole heart!! It’s the mama bear in me! Each one of my clients I treat as a guest, but mostly my friend. In my chair I love to listen to the concerns my guests are having about their hair and offer suggestions that might help. It is not simply about the visit but the relationships that we build.

Click below to view my Instagram, I can’t wait to connect with you!


Hilarie Balzer

Level 4 Stylist

Hello, I'm Hilarie! I love that I get to be creative every day, all while making people look and feel their best. I have known that I was destined to be a hair stylist from a very young age. I loved going to the salon and watching the stylists, then practicing on my friends. 

One of my favorite things to do behind the chair is cutting. From curly to stick straight and men's cuts. My specialty haircut to do is the A-Line Bob. There are so many ways to customize it! Adding texture to your cut will keep it looking great for longer.  I also really enjoy doing dimensional colors. My guests love that I give a thorough consultation to make sure we are on the same page. I genuinely care about tailoring your cut or color to your needs, so you leave loving your hair!

I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mama to a sassy tiny human. My family means the world to me. I enjoy doing creative activities with them. I love organization and I am a planner by nature. I also love to have some friendly competition with my fellow stylists.

I am always eager to learn new color and cut techniques to keep my guests on trend. My ultimate goal when you sit in my chair is that you leave feeling good about yourself, relaxed and maybe we have had a few laughs along the way! Check out my Instagram and call to book with me! I look forward to meeting you!


Rebecca Taylor

Level 1 Stylist

Hi Guys, it’s Rebecca! It’s so nice to meet you! I became a stylist because I love to make others happy and feel good; that’s one of my priorities when you come in and sit in my chair. I am very driven, and I always love to learn. My absolute favorite things to do inside the salon are makeup, clipper fades, and highlights. I actually love to perform all of the services we offer and enjoy anything that is thrown at me.  I love makeup the most, and I aspire to be an amazing makeup artist.

I have a bubbly personality which makes me easy to talk to, and I love organization. I am very informative because I try to expand my education to the fullest by constantly learning and growing. I have my certifications for Masters of Balayage, Barbicide Sanitation, Domestic Abuse, and I have attended many haircutting and coloring classes. I try to be an ally for everyone who sits in my chair and enjoy the many things that we discuss.


I absolutely, love my career because I can always keep learning and I am never stuck doing just one thing. Everyday is different here at SYB and every time a guest leaves it makes me feel great inside knowing I have made a new connection. My personal life is great, and I have an amazing Fiancé who supports me in everything I do. I absolutely love animals! I have a Pomeranian named Alaska and a cat named Athena. My favorite things to do outside of the salon are drawing, playing video games, watching Netflix and random crafts. I am a home body and it is my favorite place.

My career here at SYB is still sprouting and growing and I am enjoying this journey. Please check out my Instagram and see what I have been up to. I look forward to connecting with you!

Meet our front desk team...

Nicole VanGalder

Guest Service Specialist

Nicole keeps everything running smoothly inside the salon. She is more than likely the first and last smile you will see when you visit. She has a passion and commitment to ensure every visit you have with us is a great experience.

Nicole's phone etiquette is amazing! She really enjoys helping her teammates and getting to know our guests. She is very system focused and is great at multi-tasking. Her main priority is ensuring that every one has a great experience at the salon, and that includes keeping the salons cleanliness in tip top shape. We have all tried to hire her to come clean our houses, LOL! We love her honesty, sarcasm, and how she makes us laugh. Her competitiveness with contests keeps us all on our toes. She is always trying to keep the guests and service providers at ease, always being one step a head of us. 

Give us a call she is  waiting to be able to help you set up an appointment and to help you have a wonderful experience at our salon.